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Second Most Widely Spoken Language

Did you know? According to About.com, Spanish is the 2nd most widely spoken language around the world with approximately 325 million speakers. Mandarin Chinese – 882 million Spanish – 325 million English – 312-380 million Arabic – 206-422 million.

The Language Grove Preschool is proud to offer children a Spanish Immersion language program naturally infused into our non-traditional play & project based curriculum. Languages are most easily learned during the early years as a child’s brain is developing and readily absorbs a second language.

Our children are learning Spanish through an immersion model approach on a daily basis, all day long. We are committed to providing authentic language exposure to children through student-directed lesson plans that incorporate service-learning, community involvement, environmental activism, and culturally based activities. Our main objective is to foster a union between children of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds in a safe, enjoyable atmosphere. Our bilingual immersion program incorporates components of visual, music, and verbal exchange to make leaning a new language fun and inviting for young children regardless of previous language exposure, language levels, or maturity levels.

Benefits of bilingual education:

  • High academic achievement.
  • Increased job opportunities in a global society.
  • Promotes critical and creative thinking.
  • Easily fulfill secondary and university language requirements and qualify for Advanced Placement language classes.
  • Lower Alzheimer’s disease risk.
  • Brain Development.
  • Promotes global connection.

Children in bilingual programs acquire:

  • Language proficiency in English and a second (or other) language.
  • High academic achievement in two languages.
  • Positive self-esteem, cultural awareness and sensitivity.
  • Greater capacity for abstract thought.

Still have questions? Check out our Bilingual Immersion FAQ!