How many children are you licensed for?
We are licensed for 45 children from 18 months to 6 years.
When do you do tours?
Our tours take place once a month on a Saturday at 10:00am. Tours are for parents only, no children can attend. For tour dates please contact our office or send a tour request through this website. You must make a reservation to attend a tour. We do not take walk ins.
What are your vacation days and holidays?

The Language Grove observes the following holidays:

  • New Years Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Presidents’ Day
  • Cesar Chavez Day
  • Good Friday (Center will close at 1:00pm)
  • Parent Teacher Conference (1st Friday in February) School Closed
  • Memorial Day
  • Graduation Day (Center will close at 2:00pm) Date TBD yearly
  • July 4th (Independence Day)
  • Summer Days (2 week at the end of July-August) (yearly)
  • Labor Day
  • Indigenous People Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving (Wednesday-Friday) School Closed
  • Winter Vacation (2 weeks TBD end of year holidays)
  • Every last Friday of the month school closes at 4:00pm
What are your tuition fees?
Tuition rates are given at the initial tour.
What are your registration fees?
A non-refundable application fee of $150.00 is due to begin application process. No applications are accepted without an application fee. Yearly re-registration fee is $75.00 for all returning students.
What if I want to take summer off, do I still have to pay?
Because our school is not a drop off daycare but an educational center, in order to fulfill your contract all children must remain enrolled until the end of the year. All tuitions must be paid in full on a monthly basis regardless of attendance.
Do you offer sibling discounts?
Yes, our school offers 5% off the lesser tuition for all siblings attending at the same time.
Does my child have to be potty trained?
Children 2.5 yrs and up are encouraged to be potty trained, but it is not a requirement. We accept children who are not yet potty trained; however, a higher tuition rate will be applied for children over 3 that are not yet potty trained. Toddlers are not expected to be potty-trained and our caring staff will collaborate with you in helping your child achieve this goal when ready.
How do you help my child adjust to his/her first school experience?
Before your starting date, we usually schedule playdates for your child, to come and be with us and get familiarized with the environment, staff, peers, etc. These times can vary according to your schedule. Their purpose is for your child to get acquainted with us at his/her comfort level and gain the trust needed for open communication.
What is the educational background of your teachers?
All teachers are required to meet the Department of Social Services, licensing department requirements. In addition, many of our staff have Associate & BA degrees in child development and experience being in a classroom setting. They are also required to attend regular trainings on the Reggio philosophy and other trainings to enhance their teaching and knowledge. In addition, all staff are expected to continue their child development education by enrolling in at least 3 units per year. The Language Grove Community Preschool offers educators many opportunities for professional development based on our current work and our current understanding of the principles of early childhood education approach and how they apply to our setting. We strive to become a strong school community and value our staff.
What is your sick child policy?
The health of children, as well as of our staff is very important to us. Each child must arrive at school free of symptoms of illness. If your child should become ill while at school, you will be notified immediately to come pick him/her up, or make arrangements for another person (listed on your child’s emergency form) to pick up your child. If you feel your child cannot go outdoors for the day, then your child is not well enough to be at school.
Are your teachers CPR trained?
Yes, all staff including administrators are CPR certified and are required to re-certify every year. In addition many of our staff hold a “health and safety” certification.
How do you keep parents informed about what's happening at school?
We highly value the relationship between home and school. Ongoing communication is crucial to a smoothly run program. Besides daily connections with the teachers, relationships are supported via e-mail, our monthly newsletter, our parents’ board and by all the documentation posted in the classrooms. We also host a parent teacher conference in March (school closes on this day).
Do you do any fundraising?
Yes, we have our biggest fundraiser during the holidays when we sell Christmas trees, wreaths, and swag. We ask that all families at the school support our fundraising.
What is your school's policy on disciplining children?
Our staff knows children are capable of coming to positive solutions to problems among themselves. We understand that unacceptable behavior is a form of communication. We try to understand what each child’s behavior means and support each child’s need to identify and express his or her feelings in socially appropriate ways. We take the time to value each individual circumstance and work through the problems that arise with the children, modeling reflective listening, validation, and guidance. Time-out is NOT an option at our school.

You may call the school directly at (818) 892-7100 if you have any other question we were not able to answer for you here.
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